(Press Release) Fukushima study tour by Diplomatic corps

November 14, 2013


       This site was effected by the tsunami in Iwaki city 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has organized a study tour to Fukushima prefecture for the diplomatic corps in Japan on November 5-6th 2013, in order to introduce reconstruction to diplomatic corps participating in the tour, reassuring them for the safety of food products, as well as visiting some historical and cultural sites in Fukushima.  

The Libyan Embassy in Tokyo was represented by Mr. Mohamed MELAD, First Secretary who joined with other representatives from Embassies of Ethiopia, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Germany, Tanzania, Rwanda, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Fiji, Indonesia, Zambia, India, Austria, and Samoa.

The study tour included visiting organic cotton project (Iwaki City), Tsunami-affected area in Hisanohama (Iwaki City), Hamakaze Shopping Area (Iwaki City), Fukushima Agricultural Technology Centre (Koriyama City) and a welcome-dinner (Koriyama City).

It also included visiting JA Aizu / Agricultural Cooperative Association (Inawashiro Town), Tsuruga Castle (Aizuwakamatsu City), Aizu Sake History Museum (Aizuwakamatsu City) and Ouchijuku traditional village (Shimogo Town).