Message from the Embassy

 We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all visitors of the website of the Libyan Embassy in Tokyo, which has been launched as a part of The Libyan Embassy’s work to communicate with the Libyan community in Japan and our Japanese Friends, as well as any interested party who visits our homepage to read and take advantage of the available information and services.

In order to facilitate its services for the Libyan community and those who hope to visit Libya, The Embassy made a special link on its homepage for various consular services such as renewal of passports, registering newborn, endorsement of child into passport, and obtaining a Libyan visa. Moreover, The Embassy introduces information about Libya in both English and Japanese languages; there will be also another link for the information (Press Releases) published by the Embassy regarding Libya’s affairs in general as a channel of information about Libya along with specific activities and events.

Thank you for communicating with us.

Best Regards….