Libyans residing in Japan (English)

Passport Renewal for Libyan National


  1. A written Application  
  2. Resident Card in Japan
  3. 4 photos (4×6)
  4. A letter from his workplace states he is working in Japan
  5. A letter states his residence in Japan “Unnecessary if Resident Card presented”
  6. It is recommended to inquire at the Embassy’s consular affairs.


Including somebody into Libyan National Passport


  1. Birth Registry Certificate and Japanese Birth Certificate translated into Arabic
  2. Family Registry from Japanese Civil Registration
  3. Family Handbook
  4. Passport
  5. Application from Parent to add child to his passport
  6. Please contact consular affairs for any inquiry.

Requirements for Registering A newborn for Libyan National


  1. A birth certificate from the hospital translated into Arabic
  2. A certificate from Ward Office “Birth Registration” translated into Arabic
  3. Family Registry from Japanese Civil Registration
  4. A hand-written application for child registration
  5. A document from the mayor indicates Foreign Resident Registration
  6. Family Handbook and marriage document or family relation document
  7. A note from your workplace states residence in Japan, or Resident Card.
  8. Father and Mother’s Passport
  9. 4 photos (6×4)
  10. We recommend you to enquire at the Embassy’s consular affairs.


Power of Attorney and Authentication


  1. A written Application / request regarding the power of attorney
  2. Present what states the Libyan Nationality (Passport, Family Handbook)
  3. Support his application by presenting necessary documents
  4. Certificates and Dealings will be authenticated after being certified by consular affairs in Libya, only the original document can be authenticated, not a copy.
  5. The consular affairs of the Embassy authenticate certificates and documents issued in Japan only if it has been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
  6. For any inquiry Please contact the consular affairs.