Press Release by The Embassy of the State of Libya accredited to Japan regarding the terrorist attack on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 25th 2018

December 26, 2018

The Embassy of the State of Libya accredited to Japan condemns in the strongest possible terms the inhumane and unjustified terrorist attack that targeted the Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tripoli on the morning of 25 December 2018 that claimed the lives of Ministry officials, staff and security personnel.

The Libyan Embassy in Tokyo offers its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and mourns these Martyrs of the nation, while we also pray for the speedy recovery of the victims. The Embassy further reiterates that these despicable terrorist attacks and crimes that contravenes the norms and principles of all religious teachings and humanity, will only add to the resolve of all Libyans to combat all forms of terrorism that targets the security and stability of our nation and in all corners of the country. These criminal attacks demonstrates the urgent need for the International community to unite ranks and strengthen cooperation in combating and fighting the menace of terrorism.

The Embassy of the State of Libya in Tokyo pledges to continue working towards rebuilding our country and moving forward on the path of achieving the aspirations and goals of the Libyan People, by establishing a secure, safe and stable sovereign country that rejects all forms of violence, extremism and terrorism, and where every citizen can live safely and securely.

May ALLAH protect Libya and its people from all malice.

The Embassy of the State of Libya – Tokyo

On the 26th of December 2018