Junior high school students visited the Embassy

May 29, 2014

On 29th May, 2014, five 3rd Grade students from Nagamori-Minami junior high school in Gifu city visited the Embassy of Libya, Tokyo as a part of their education for international understanding and Mr. Abider, Media and Cultural officer of the Embassy welcomed the students.

At first part of the presentation, Mr. Abider gave a brief introduction about Libya followed by Q&A from each student.  Mr. Abider stressed a good relationship between Libya and Japan, as well as to give his personal observation regarding Japanese culture and people.  In return the students asked a few questions about Libya, mainly focused on cultural differences between two countries.

After the presentation, the students watched DVD showing the scenery and traditions of Libya to feel the atmosphere of the country and Mr. Abider showed his warm wish for them to visit Libya one day and gave a small gift at the end of the visit.