Press Release of the Presidency Council regarding the terrorist attack on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Tripoli 2018/12/25


The Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord condemns in the strongest possible terms the cowardly terrorist attack that occurred Tuesday morning and targeted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the center of the capital Tripoli. 

 The Presidency Council offers its sincere condolences to the Martyrs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Security Personnel, who have fallen as a result of this despicable crime, while also prays to the Almighty Allah for the speedy recovery of the victims. The Presidency Council praises the bravery of the Security Services of the Government of National Accord that professionally confronted this horrific terrorist attack. 

The Presidency Council stresses that the concerned Security Services have commenced their careful investigation to find out the identities and the motives behind who have committed this assault. Moreover, the Council has directed all possible resources to combat and confront these criminal elements. 

The Presidency Council further reiterates that this despicable terrorist crime that contravenes the norms and principles of our religious teachings and humanity, will only add to the resolve of all Libyans to combat terrorism in all corners of the country. 

The Presidency Council calls on all the citizens to exercise caution while the Presidency Council further renews its efforts and determination to unite all the ranks to combat these terrorist criminal acts that targets security and stability of the nation.

May Allah Protect Libya and its people from all malice. 

Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord 

Tripoli 25/12/2018